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Articles with tips that are also application to project management and team leadership.

Communicating to Connect and Influence – Tips

Learn how to communicate, connect and influence others in your organization or inner circle in a world where having a position, title or legal authority is no longer enough to effectively lead.

Could “working” be the most dangerous form of procrastination?

  Are there times when you’ve put off work under the disguise of being busy doing “other important” work? Do you find that most of those times the “other important work” is not as important?…

Mastermind Course: Communicating to connect

If you can connect with others- one-on-one, in groups, and with an audience – your sense of community improves, your ability to create team work increases, and your influence skyrockets. People who connect with others…

How to Move from Positional to Permission-Based Leadership

Being a leader gives you great authority and power, but to truly lead, inspire excellence and voluntary engagement beyond a team member’s job description requires humility, tact and the ability to truly connect. “No man…