Circumvent your delivery process at own risk

Last month, in an effort to cross off one of my ‘to do’ list items – getting top ‘Must-Read’ articles out to my subscribers, I circumvented my writing process and didn’t realize that I had more typos in my editorial note than I usually allow in any blog post or article that I write. This is not to say that there will never be typos in what I write. As a matter of fact, I try not to let that stop me from publishing my writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be good enough that it does not distract you, the reader.

As professionals we often set up processes to allow us to complete our work effectively and efficiently. By definition “a process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end”. Usually that process is repeatable and allows us to deliver our best work.  This is great and I love setting up processes for tasks that I perform frequently.

Arnold Palmer System Quote

However, at times we stray from a process we’ve set up to experiment and try new things. I also love doing this to get out of my comfort zone, stretch myself and learn new things. What I found out is this: it’s not advisable to stray from your normal delivery process when you’re working under pressure, rushing and trying to deliver quality products in time.

Pay attention not to circumvent your own delivery processes especially when you’re working under pressure – when things are chaotic. You set up the process for a reason. And that process will ensure that every aspect of the work is covered and that the quality is at an acceptable level. Arnold Palmer said it perfectly well when he said, “Establish a system you have confidence in and rely on it when you get into tough situations.”

If, for any reason, you have to stray from a proven process, you need to double and triple check the output for quality. That was my lesson and I hope you’ll give some thought to it in relation to your work as a delivery leader and change agent.


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