Project Manager Success Summit: Day-1 Roster of Speakers

I have been working for many months with several speakers (see Day-1 Roster of Speakers below) to put together a FREE 3-day VALUE-PACKED virtual event where 16 of the world’s top project management and leadership trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, and thought leaders will teach you…for FREE. Combined, the speakers have helped hundreds of thousands of project managers and team leaders grow their influence, lead more effectively and deliver better, quality results.Project Manager Success Summit - Day 1 Roster of Speakers

For the next few days, I will publish a couple of blog posts highlighting the sessions and speakers for each day of the summit. So, come back to this blog in a couple of days for a list of our Day-2 and Day-3 speakers.

This is your official invitation to join us. Each session of the summit will help you grow your influence and lead more effectively.

The format is different from the regular webinar series. It is audio only (with handouts when available) and will be a mix between presentation and interview.

This is perfect for long trips, when stuck in a traffic jam or just want to multitask. All you need is a phone, PC or an Internet-connected device.

Register to join us and put yourself and your team on a trajectory for success.

Below is a the Day-1 Roster of Speakers. You’re in for a treat and I can’t wait for this event to start.

Project Manager Success Summit - Day 1 Schedule

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